how to make money on youtube with other peoples videos

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Are you searching for a method to earn money on YouTube in 2019? If so, you’re probably questioning how you can do that if you do not have your own videos, aren’t a fan of being on electronic camera, don’t like to talk through the microphone, and so on.

What Subjects?

Wondering what kinds of videos bring in unbelievably high views? “Top 10” videos; these typically including a collection of video clips within a certain subject. Top 10 anime betrayals, top 10 savage spikes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, top 10 Harry Potter characters … the list goes on and on. There’s thousands, if not millions, of these videos; just search “top 10” in YouTube and see on your own. It’s unbelievable how a basic “leading x” video can bring in considerable viewership!

With all that said, you should ideally pick a fashionable subject that individuals have an interest in. Some great topics to dive into consist of video games, conspiracy theories, and fitness.

If you don’t know what to base your channel around though, I ‘d recommend a general “top 10” channel to start. You can constantly open new niche-specific “leading 10” channels at a later date.

Where to find the videos? If you have not thought by now, is imaginative commons videos. Yes, videos can be released under the innovative commons license; it’s not simply for images on Flickr any longer.

You can find these videos on YouTube just by running a look for a keyword or keyphrase you want to find. In addition to the keyword, add on “, creative commons” to the search inquiry. The comma is important; this is an additional specification to the search. Anyone who has an account in excellent standing can mark their videos as creative commons videos, which publishes them under the pertinent license. There are actually a lots various variations on the single Creative Commons License, but for the most part they all have comparable themes. You can learn more about them on the creative commons website.

Additionally, videos in the general public domain are readily available for you to utilize. This can be challenging to keep track of, however, since the age of the video normally needs to be decades, and you’re not going to find contemporary produced videos that fit that description.


Speaking of imaginative commons, there’s an issue you’re going to need to acknowledge here. You can not utilize YouTube’s basic AdSense abilities to monetize your videos here. There are only choose subsets of the creative commons certify that allow money making. The majority of them disallow it and further prohibit making money through remixed works as well. In general, err on the side of care and don’t enable money making on any of these videos.

On the other hand, absolutely nothing bans you from utilizing those videos to funnel traffic to your website. The concept is to use the videos to bring in traffic, which will arrive at a customized landing page based on the video, which itself will do the selling. Technically, the video is not monetized, and that’s just the type of technicality that rules these sorts of scenarios.

In many cases, when you utilize YouTube imaginative commons videos in your own material, the site will request for more info. This is typically an automatic flag attempting to ensure you understand what you’re doing and to prevent actual taken content. You will have to offer some info, including a link to the license of the original material creator and the name of the material, among other things.

This is why it’s suggested that you use affiliate deals for this sort of video, instead of sending viewers directly to your shop. A storefront can set off automatic filters for the noncommercial kinds of innovative commons material.

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how to make money on youtube with other peoples videos